How Much Money do you get for 100,000 Views on YouTube

HI friends in this post I will to answers for the question for how Mach money con you get from 100000 video views on YouTube

To be honest no one can answer the exact number for this question but there is some calculation I want to do with you.

firstly, look at this YouTube income estimation and we make a calculation for 100,000 video views
Let’s do the calculation for 100,000 views based on this channel

youtube income for 100000 views
youtube income for 100000 views

As you see in this YouTube estimated income this channel has 420,494 video views and the maximum estimated income is $1.7k
420,494 views = $ 1.7k
By using this calculation, you can get $1 per 248 video views
And for 100,000 views 100,000 / 248 = $404

Generally, the earning is varying for many reasons. But the main reason for determining our YouTube income is
1 Country, the country your video is viewed that means Where your video is viewed every country do not have equal bids if your video is viewed on USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK you can get more money
2 your niche
the type of video and the keyword you use It depends on your CPC $ CPM, for example, entertainment videos and make money videos have different costs.

If you are interested in making money on YouTube take action on a consistent base and teach yourself, read more, take the course

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