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How To Create A YouTube Channel With Step By Step Starting From Scratch.

By, This article, I will show you How to create a YouTube channel with step by step starting from scratch.

To open your YouTube channel. You can use this step by step process. opening a new youtube channel is a very easy task. follow this article and you can create your youtube channel within 5 minutes.

ok, the first step is,

Creating your new Gmail account.

I think this is a very easy process, go to google and create a new brand Gmail account. the only thing it requires is your phone number for the verification process.

But If it is hard to create your Gmail account, I will show you in another article.


Now we go to step 2, 

        Go to YouTube and sign in your Gmail account

ok this process is a very easy process. To open YouTube type ( and open YouTube page. You can get a page like this.

youtube channel creation for sign in
youtube channel creation for sign in

As you see the left side in the above picture, there is a sign-in option on the YouTube home page. To sign in to YouTube click sign-in option.

Then after you click the sign in, you will redirect to this page.

gmail log in for creating youtube channel
Gmail login for creating a youtube channel

Now this is the time to enter your Gmail account to sign in to YouTube. Then click next and it requires your Gmail account Password.  enter your Gmail account password and click next. after that you are finishing the sign-in process.

You will see your Gmail account on the YouTube home page.

youtube channel creation after sign in to youtube

ok, Now we go to step 3,

Creating your YouTube Channel

This is an interesting point for creating a new youtube channel. ok now we are signed in to youtube. After you sign in to YouTube by your Gmail account, click your Gmail icon on the youtube home page and click the create channel option. Then you get this type of page.

create a new youtube channel create brand account

Ok in this part you can wright your channel name what you want and click create. that is all you creat your new Youtube channel.



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