SMARITAN Medical Services PLC job vacancy

SMARITAN Medical Services PLC job vacancy

1 job title         Marketing manager

 Required Educational Qualification            BA degree in marketing management and or Economics

Year of experience             2 two years

Special skills                    Excellent communication & Computer application skills.

2 job title         Accountant

Required Educational Qualification            Diploma/ degree in accounting

Year of experience             2/1 years

Special skills                    Peachtree Accounting & IFRIS training & experience.

3 job title         Receptionist

Required Educational Qualification            Diploma or above in Hotel management marketing management or any other field of study

Year of experience             1 years

Special skills                    Excellent communication & computer application skills.

4 job title        Druggist

 Required Educational Qualification            Diploma in Pharmacy

Year of experience             2 years and above

Special skills                    Experience in procurement, storage & Distribution of pharmaceuticals Awareness of the Country’s Pharmaceuticals Guideline.

Application Deadline:    with 10 working days from MIYAZIYA 13, 2011

Salary                  per scale

Work place       Addis Ababa, Samaritan Medical Services, CMC Square on the way to Karra, inside Sunshine Real-estate compound

Application on email

Tell +251 116 68 08 08 / +251 116 68 15 16

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