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YouTube ranking factors and YouTube SEO

YouTube ranking factors and YouTube SEO with YouTubes Goals and how to make them work for you

As you know YouTube is one of the video-sharing platforms in the world.  And YouTube is the big business advertising platform.

For that reason, YouTube ranking factors needs 3 things to profit from their advertising platform business. And if you know those YouTube primary goals you are also profitable from your YouTube Channel.


Ok, these are the 3 YouTube primary goals to get its users.

1 watch more videos.

2 Engage with users.

3 Stick on YouTube as long as possible.

The more videos are viewable on YouTube the more YouTube advertising ads are viewed on YouTube and the more advertising revenue YouTube earns and the more you earn from your YouTube channel.


Now, this is the secret, you may not realize that YouTube recommendation and search algorithms are designed to achieve for this purpose.


The point is if you are interested in growing your YouTube channel you must align your video strategies to YouTube’s goal.

In this article, I will discuss the most important YouTube ranking factors that help to rank your videos on the first page of YouTube and Google search.

In the beginning, we will look at how YouTube evaluates your video for ranking by using its YouTube ranking factors.


How does Dose YouTube determine which video deserves for ranking on Your Video Keyword?


Getting rank your videos on YouTube is in a two-step process.

First YouTube wants to know what your video is all about, and YouTube determines is your video worth ranking for that keyword.


If you are serious about ranking your videos on YouTube. Your videos must be designed for the YouTube ranking algorithm.


The first thing you make for making a video is, doing keyword research. Keyword research is the key thing for ranking your videos on YouTube and Google search pages.

Keyword research is used to know how your video is performed on YouTube and also it is used to estimate how much video views you get on YouTube, how much computation you have on YouTube to rank.

Knowing your keyword for your video is the key to the success of your video on YouTube and google ranking.  There are many keyword types of research tools on the internet you can use to research your video keyword. Some are free and some are paid tools.

What are the requirements for the keyword the best keyword for your video?

Ok now you make keyword research and you get many keywords for your video ideas. But the point is how to select the best keyword for your video or for your website post. These are some tips for selecting your keyword for your YouTube video.

1, your keyword must have more than 500 searches per month

2, the keyword is a long-tail keyword.

3, the Search result more than 300

4, the keyword has low computation.

5, and Related Keywords.

Considering These five things are used for selecting your keyword for your videos for ranking on YouTube and Google search page. then the keyword is worth your video ideas the next step is making the video by using the main keyword and related keyword for the main keyword.

There are many keyword types of research tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Google Keyword Planner,, Moz Keyword Explorer, Keywords Everywhere, Google Trends, SEMrush, KWFinder, and much more.

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